Arthur King Presents Jason Lytle: NYLONANDJUNO - LP

  • Arthur King Presents Jason Lytle: NYLONANDJUNO - LP

Arthur King Presents Jason Lytle: NYLONANDJUNO - LP

Jason Lytle is an artist with an acclaimed history of creating evocative, unpredictable, and touching music that eludes conventional categorization. Initially known for his work as founding member and principal songwriter in Grandaddy as well as several subsequent solo albums released under his own name, Lytle has always pushed forward with inventive combinations of classic songwriting and kaleidoscopic production experimentation.

Lytle once again enters brand new territory on NYLONANDJUNO, an installment in Dangerbird’s “Arthur King Presents” experimental album series. An entirely instrumental album, its radiant, mesmerizing sound is derived exclusively from one analog synthesizer and one nylon-string acoustic guitar. The synthetic tendencies of his previous works are stretched out and expanded to become focal points themselves in each piece. Galloping arpeggios and tranquil pad progressions establish a foundation for flourishes of melodic guitar to weave in and out.

At once evoking both futurism and intimacy, NYLONANDJUNO is the sound of a great American songwriter making an electronic record in the footsteps of Europe's 1970s synthesizer luminaries with the organic cinematic tinges of the 20th century's most celebrated film composers. It serves as an unexpected yet completely fitting next step in Jason Lytle’s unparalleled creative trajectory.

1. Hitch Your Wagon To A Falling Star
2. Change Of Address / 433 Eros
3. Geese Over Sunlight Ace
4. Don’t Wanna Be There For All That Stuff
5. Dry Gulched On Rodeo Drive
6. 15 Items Or Lesson You
7. Iris Leader Evening Footage
8. Headed To The No Light District

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Black Vinyl LP

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