Cones: Pictures of Pictures Digital

Cones: Pictures of Pictures Digital

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Cones are Jonathan and Michael Rosen, two brothers from San Francisco who are now making far-out, addictive pop music in Los Angeles. The captivating new record Pictures of Pictures goes down easy on first listen but is overflowing with layers of candy-coated, blissful instrumentation and thoughtful, nostalgic lyrics that reward deeply satisfying repeat listens.

Jonathan likens the sound of the album to “the feeling of lying in the grass with a baseball hat covering your face and staring into the sun through one of the little hat holes.”

Mind-bending bass lines, euphoric synthesizers, deliciously crunchy guitar riffs and twisting vocal melodies all coalesce into a one-of-a-kind psychedelic sound that works equally well blaring from speakers at a party or on headphones late at night.

1. The Hole
2. Laugh Of The Party
3. Moonstone
4. Zoom
5. Inner Voice
6. Flying Island
7. Seeing Triple
8. Nicemare
9. Eyes Of Propane
10. Cabin Pressure Fever