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For many artists, the decision to turn toward more creative freedom means meandering into formless freak-outs, ambient psychedelia, or some kind of synth pop experiment. Not so for Jacob Turnbloom, leader and principal songwriter of beloved SoCal fuzz pop purveyors Mrs Magician. Additional forays with The Grave Walks, Blessure Grave, First Wave Hello, and many other bands have provided Turnbloom with ample opportunity to refine a signature style of caustic yet sentimental garage pop prowess. But Turnbloom’s newest solo endeavors find him forging a different path, fully embracing melody and earnest, simple songs.

His first release for Dangerbird’s Microdose singles series, “Balboa Park” is a perfect pop song which could easily slot into a mixtape between The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year” and Electric Light Orchestra’s “Don’t Bring Me Down.” A valiant attempt to write “a happy song that doesn’t sound lame”, the summer anthem immerses us in a love letter to his hometown of San Diego, juxtaposing the sunny locale with the buoyant emotions that accompany a new love. The music video casts Jacob as Waldo, guiding us to local landmarks and driving home the song’s refrain in which he “can’t stop smiling.” Fellow San Diegan Ryan Mattos of CULTS describes it as “like Buddy Holly in a tie dye cape.” The song’s irresistible catchiness and lyrical charm channel the joy of a sun-soaked summer afternoon spent with loved ones.


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