The Dears - Return To Lovers Rock - Digital

The Dears - Return To Lovers Rock - Digital

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“After all this time, the re-re-rescheduling of tour dates and the re-re-re-anticipation of playing shows -- it's a little hard to believe these shows in September/October are finally going to happen! We originally released Lovers Rock in 2020. It was an album we were, and are still, very proud of. So it was hard to put out a record and then not play a single one of those songs live. We did a streaming show, but it's just not the same as being in the same sweaty club, all together. So in a way that's what we're looking forward to, playing some of these songs live. 


Murray and I recorded an acoustic session just before we released the album. Again, back in 2020 we spent the day at Hotel2Tango studio in Montreal -- we put out the videos of some of these sessions, but now can finally share the audio on this deluxe upgraded version of the album, Return to Lovers Rock. It's kind of like Return to the Planet of the Apes: we can't not go back there. There's unfinished business down on Lovers Rock, so it's time for a spin off!  


We've all been keeping busy in the meanwhile. Murray wrote and recorded a new album, and composed the score for a feature film ("I Like Movies" dir. Chandler Levack) and music for a podcast. I co-wrote a video game ("Riley & Rochelle'' out on Steam later this year) and worked on a scripted YA audio series. And as a band, we did get to play our first actual Lovers Rock show in Mexico back in May. So we're looking to get things started again, to get out on the road, work our road legs! 


I think it's gonna be fun. We're looking forward to seeing everyone's faces out there, and singing some songs together like we did in the old days.” —Natalia Yanchak


  1. Heart Of An Animal
  2. I Know What You're Thinking And It's Awful
  3. Instant Nightmare!
  4. Is This What You Really Want?
  5. The Worst In Us
  6. Stille Lost
  7. No Place On Earth
  8. Play Dead
  9. Too Many Wrongs
  10. We'll Go Into Hiding
  11. I Know What You're Thinking And It's Awful (Acoustic)
  12. Instant Nightmare! (Acoustic)
  13. Is This What You Really Want? (Acoustic)
  14. Too Many Wrongs (Acoustic)
  15. We'll Go Into Hiding (Acoustic)