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Milly - Denial - Single

Milly - Denial - Single

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"Denial" is a single from Los Angeles upstarts Milly, a bittersweet reflection on loss, solitude, and times gone by. Opening with a melancholy guitar chord sequence, the song's nostalgia is underpinned by an unwavering rhythmic foundation and grinding bass. Reflecting on the song's meaning, Milly's principal songwriter Brendan Dyer says "'Denial' is about the idea of being fixated on something but knowing deep down it's gone. I was living in New York at the time when I wrote it and was going back and forth between there and Connecticut. I was really trying to capture the feeling of being alone and why it was hard for me to digest how that felt." As the song reaches its roaring apex amid a wall of distortion, Dyer's voice resounds plaintively "We're gonna wish on it. I can't get past denial."


1. Denial

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