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Hank May

Hank May - Tails - CD

Hank May - Tails - CD

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Much of Tails came to fruition whilst May was wandering the streets of Los Angeles, spending time with friends and absorbing even the smallest of details around him. “I put my antennae up pretty high for this one,” he details. Where his debut album One More Taste of the Good Stuff found May more in the indie singer-songwriter space, Tails explores multiple genres. May and his good friend and collaborator Patrick Taylor were able to experiment with together in May’s home studio. “I intentionally set out to make a pop record with intricate arrangements and was thinking of this as a playlist more so than a narrative album,” May notes.


  1. Rainy Day
  2. Life is Sweet
  3. Aliens R Us
  4. (Don't Fear) The Narcissist
  5. Pot of Beans
  6. Can't Let A Damn Thing Go
  7. Morgana
  8. Wild West
  9. Safe For Church
  10. I'm Just A Lover Now
  11. Silver Saucepan

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