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MILLY - Our First Four Songs + Wish Goes On 12" Vinyl LP

MILLY - Our First Four Songs + Wish Goes On 12" Vinyl LP

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Milly's new EP Wish Goes On plus 2019 debut Our First Four Songs, now available on limited-edition beer and mustard swirl colored vinyl

Only 500 copies available!
A1 - Milly 
A2 - People Are Forever
A3 - Talking Secret 
A4 - Crazy Horse 
B1 - Star Spangled Banner 
B2 - Denial 
B3 - Star Thistle Blossom
B4 - Teach Old Dogs New Tricks 
B5 - Birds Fly Free
Milly began as a home recording project in singer, songwriter and guitarist Brendan Dyer's Bristol, Connecticut hometown before springing to life in Los Angeles with the addition of Spencer Light on guitar and Yarden Erez on bass.  Milly's songs fuse elements of classic shoegaze, slowcore, and lo-fi indie rock, coalescing into intense, dynamic waves around Dyer's plaintive and searching vocals. Something new emerging from something old; something old from something older, made new again.
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